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We all live in unprecedented times, globally. In many countries, going outside is restricted and people are tied to their homes. Some may enjoy it, but more and more people feel imprisoned and unwell. In addition to that, many people face financial, health-related or existential hardships or are in danger of facing them in the near future. All of this leads to an increase in fears and other stressful feelings. For all these people, the psychotherapists Dr. med. Michael Bohne and Dr. Sabine Ebersberger developed an emotional self-help kit as part of a voluntary and non-profit initiative ( It is a set of cards that on the one hand describes our current stressful situation and on the other hand offers many creative solutions. The cards that can give hope and confidence. A free tool from therapists for everyone: simple, beneficial and individual. The cards have already been translated into 23 languages ​​and are also available in English. All card sets are freely available. Please use the cards for your own individual needs and feel free to share them with other people that might benefit from them. Take care and all the best with getting through. (Marlen Lorenz und Rory Brady)