Guide for Emotional Self-Help

Intensely burdening emotions as currently experienced by many due to war and fleeing often cannot be calmed down completely by talking about one’s experiences.

Different approaches, e.g. reminding oneself that most people around the globe stand behind the Ukrainians, might help you in this situation. Of course, being in contact with empathetic and supportive people can be particularly helpful.

In addition, techniques for emotional self-care derived from trauma-fo- cused and general psychotherapy can significantly reduce emotional impact. They help decrease acute stress – both for those exposed to traumatizing events as well as for emotionally challenged helpers.

Because adverse emotions are felt in the body, body-oriented strategies may be beneficial. Tapping techniques, particularly PEP®, as presented here, have proven to be particularly useful. These techniques might seem odd at first sight, but they have great potential to enable you to care for yourself when facing anxiety or stress.

Just give it a try!