Ease, Trust and Humour in Pandemic Times

An article by Josephin Lorenz

Dear blog readers,

In these times I, like many others, keep contracting the highly infectious fear-viruses, as Michael Bohne calls them. These ‘emococcal’ (emotional streptococcal) cause a mutating chaos of feelings inside me. As a result, I alternate between needing to blow off steam and lethargic wandering inside my house or garden.

To counter those fear-viruses in my brain and to get away from the constant overload on my mind, I printed out the card set in a team effort with my husband. We worked on the cards with a special tool for cutting out corners (which we ordered just for this), which was not only visually satisfying but also quite meditative.

Once we found suitable sentences for ourselves, we suddenly felt energy being set free for new ideas: dancing and singing, working on my book, sewing our own face masks, and creating this movie clip. So in other words, a kind of exponential growth of creativity happened, following my personal motto: Everyone has unfulfilled potential inside of them!


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